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Tel     0121 288 3112

Mob...  07931 238211

"If we can work together to identify

any performance gaps and

business growth  opportunities in your outlet.




" Supporting and growing pub landlord's business"

  Business Growth & Development service

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Firstly thank you for your interest on our offer to help you for Free!!


There is much apprehension and cynicism concerning consultants and similar "too good to be true" business growth claims. A reputable certified business coach with adequate business insurance should be able to allay your fears by including personal gaurantees or money back propositions due to failure to reach the agreed turnover and profit success.


I have personally taken operators from near financial meltdown to running multiple pub operations and assisted successful landlords who just want to get to the next level of success.I will give you the telephone numbers of real operators who can openly talk to you about using me and my services good or bad!!


Why for Free?


I do not spend my marketing budget on advertising in trade journals or social media tactics such as Google Ad Words, my strategy is using an amount of my time free trialling to prove my worth to you.


So lets get on with helping you!!


I'm happy to assist you with one burning issue in your business right now concerning business improvement,no catch its free.When you implement the suggestion/solution and see the improvement you might think of using me some time in the future,if not, no problem, no tacky emails from me six months down the line, I will just wish you well for the future and that's it!.


You will need a pen and paper to write some notes.

So lets get started below:



1] What is your goal or dream for your business? This could be for e.g


a] Make enough money to retire

b] Have another pub in  x years

c] Look to extend the current offer - build extension etc


Keep this safe for discussion at a later date.


2] What is your FI.M.O score?


Mark your self out of 10 in the following areas


a] Finance

b] Marketing

c] Operations





I am weak in the following areas:

  • Profit and loss reporting

  • Stocktaking

  • Knowing my product margins.



  • I struggle to put a Advertising & Promotion plan together

  • I do not seem to be targeting the right/enough customers

  • Social media is confusing to me.



  • My employees need more training,

  • The kitchen team could have more controls

  • The staff could upsell more.



2] Select your three main concerns they could be from any category.


3] Write the three concerns into the box to the right in order of urgency.


4] I will attempt to get back to you within one working week with my answer to your number one problem .




All I ask you to do is to implement my suggestion into your business within one month, and if you feel inclined to do so let me know by email how you got on,

if not, I wish you the best of luck with your future business!!



Lester Pyatt



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