To every training session we bring a sack full of original ideas. My expertise is listening and delivering  individual solutions for you. The most inexpensive investment you can make, for the quickest and most measurable return. If you follow the guidelines set out in this business growth training day along with our coaching and mentoring package then the equivalent of £ 50-100,000 plus of turnover and substantial net profit in a 12 month period can be achieved.


All sessions are fully interactive and  targeted with done- for- you templates to make life easier for you in your working day. At the end  you will have the tools to give you firmer control on your business operations and advertising & promotion techniques to grow your businesss successfully, giving you maximum return for your outlay .




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Training at your pub


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  • Half day Business Booster group sessions

  • One day Business Development Training  Programme at your pub

  • 12 month 1-1 Business Growth Coaching Programme

  • Staff Performance Training Programme




You and your business   

Life goals - Managing time. Business benchmarks. Leadership & Management


Marketing  .

Competior analysis. Mission. S.W.O.T. Target customers. Branding Market plans.



Profit & Loss -  Gross Margins Kitchen Management . Rent Reviews. Test and Measure promotions.


Your Operation

Customer Service Operation Audits.

Staff Performance training. Operation Handbooks.  Cellar Maintenance. Job descriptions.  Staff Meetings. Action planning . Customer care and service.


Sales strategy

Forecasts . bundles .Upselling. Targeting sales. Business 2 Business.


More Customers

Customer behaviour. Advertising & Promotion programmes . Brand development. Product Development. Art & Design. Social Media.  Interior Design.Tailored promotions.


                             Conclusion and review


Ask yourself the following questions:


1. What has been your number one business frustration ?


2. What is your number one priority moving forward?


3. What do you believe needs to be strengthend in order to support your



4. What options have you looked at to achieve this?


5. Is there anything that you or your employees are currently doing that is

   getting in the way of you achieving this result?


6. How much thinking and planning time are you currently doing?


7. If you close your eyes and dream of the future what would it look like?


Please answer the following question as honestly as possible:


8. Out of ten how good are you in the following areas

  • Finance

  • Marketing /Advertising

  • Operations

9. What if you could improve these areas, and grow your turnover and

    profit at the same time, would you take action?


10.How much time would you commit to make this happen?









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  • No need to leave your outlet

  • A 2 hour break for lunchtime


  • Even time for a bite to eat!!


  • Full day Includes::

  • Full training programme [see sample ]

  • All business templates

  • 4 x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions throughout

         the year.


          £295.00 per day

    We adopt a pay what you think policy!!

    Excludes VAT and travelling costs over 50 miles



Free templates with all our training worth £500.00 !!


The Market place

  • I need to target the right customer

  • My competitors, how are they doing?

  • What are my strengths and weakness

  • Are my prices right?

  • Do the customers understand my offer?


  • I need help with a rent review

  • I need to get on top of my finances

  • I need help with my  gross margins

  • I need profit and loss assistance

  • Am I making the right amount of net profit?


You and your business

  • I worry about how much I could potentially make from the business in future

  • I want a retirement fund

  • I'm too busy to grow the business

  • I need better quality staff

  • I struggle to motivate my staff

Your Operations

  • I need to train my staff's performance

  • I need more consistent customer reviews

  • What are my operations weaknesses?

  • How can I improve my customer service?

  • I have difficulty managing my kitchen 


  • I have trouble forecasting sales

  • How can I sell more to exisiting customers?

  • How can I attract new custom?

  • My staff should upsell more

  • How can I increase my prices? 

Advertising & Promotion

  • I need to use my money effectively when


  • I need consistency in my marketing tactics

  • How much social media should I be doing?

  • Is my website attracting customers?

  • How can I promote the right sort of events? 

* Required

Build your own training day from the  following issues

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